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Handled Milestones is dedicated to providing compassionate support to those navigating end-of-life planning. We are committed to working alongside technologists who are changing the way we die and providing truly personalized services that reflect your loved one's personality and values. Let us help you plan a beautiful, meaningful event that honors your loved one's life and legacy.

Charlotte embarked on her journey in the events industry in 2019 as a Wedding Coordinator, where she immersed herself in the intricate art of event production. Her passion for this work is deeply rooted in the belief that every celebration is a unique narrative waiting to unfold. By expanding into the realm of funeral and memorial planning, she brings this expertise to for families navigating the challenging terrain of loss. Her dedication earned her accolades for compassionate service, attention to detail, and creating moments of solace during difficult times.


She thrives on understanding the specific needs and desires of her clients, ensuring that each celebration is a true reflection of their values. This work keeps her endlessly curious, engaged, and dedicated to pioneering new ideas, ensuring each gathering is a reflection of the client's distinct story.


Her clientele spans across life’s milestones, encompassing couples beginning the journey of marriage to families seeking to commemorate the lives of their loved ones. Whether planning a wedding, coordinating a special event, or assisting with funeral services, her commitment lies in delivering unparalleled service and creating lasting memories for those she has the privilege to serve.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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