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Creating simple objects is a joy and responsibility.


This page is an homage to the power of handcrafts.

final pinata .jpg
first stages of pinata.jpg
assembling pinata .jpg

Combining newspapers, flour, and water I used household objects to mold paper mâché.

The process of covering and drying the nessecary elements took 4 days. 

Paper mâché piñata

Recycled wrapping paper and paint served to cover the base.


Each strip of paper was cut and glued to another to created the desired texture and fullness.


I filled the piñata with candies and flowers.


The piece was smashed in Prospect Park on New Years Eve 2021.

Print + watercolor faux stained

To created these prints, I carved patterns into linoleum. Then, using blue, yellow, white, and black ink I mixed pigments until this palate was achieved.

The process is highly experimental. Often 'missteps' lead to new techniques and visual interest.

My goal was to maximize one 12'X12' block by cutting it into a wide range of shapes.

Adding watercolor increased potential color combinations. I also added pressed flowers in a multi-medium collage (as picture beside a Cascarón below). 

Block prints

multi-medium card.jpg

Other creative outlets are; processing news through collage,

seeking solace through chalk, and balancing driftwood on the beach.

collage xmass eve.jpg
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