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Where You Are: Holiday Special

A special holiday production with a focus on gratitude.

Join Charlotte on an auditory journey as she drops in for a meal and chat with old friends.

Where You Are: Shelby
00:00 / 33:01
Where You Are: Leo
00:00 / 33:25
Where You Are: Harry
00:00 / 29:00
Where You Are: Abby
00:00 / 35:30
Where You Are: Sean
00:00 / 36:11
Where You Are: Alexander
00:00 / 32:19
Where You Are: Andie
00:00 / 30:41

Where you are:

A practical discussion of

Maslow's theory of human motivation



"I'm definitely adding a net positive to where I am, and that feels GOOD, and I think I can do that everywhere I go."

"Stay strong, sane, and soft."

To learn more about the Guatemalan Civil War:

Andie - 3:18:2020
00:00 / 24:02
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