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"Institutionalizing Inclusion," BA Thesis

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

My bachelor’s thesis drew upon multidisciplinary research to a synthesis current and projected impacts that ubiquitous computing will have on minority groups.​

Timeline: 6 months


In the primary stages of this research project, I honed the operational definitions of the concepts I wanted to explore. My research culminated into a literary review that synthesized perspectives from a diverse range of disciplines.

-      Ubiquitous computing (Dourish and Bell, 2014)

-      Big Data (Boyd and Crawford, 2011)

-      Feedback loops (O'Neil, 2016)

-      Bureaucracy (Gay, Paul de., 2000)

Then, I used existing research to describe the impacts these concepts will have upon the individual living within western society. Using an existing sociological text Rostow’s “Non-Communist Manifesto,” I contextualized the impacts described by emerging research within existing social boundaries.

Finally, I outlined my “Panglossian Daydream,” based on Jaron Lanier’s theory of micro-payments. I used current evidence of bias and instability to justify the implementation of a post-capitalist social and economic structure.

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