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'Thriving Communities' Database Design

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

The global smart city effort works to address social ills through the optimization of technology in urban design. I serve on a steering committee that facilitates private public partnerships providing innovation for the betterment of public health. As a founding member of this group, I created the Cloud-based information hub and populated it.

Timeline: 4 months


This committee required an information hub that reflected the group’s mission to facilitate collaboration. The Google Drive I designed and implemented drew inspiration from an established committee’s drive. My priority was efficiency.

Google Drive Landing Page

I identified patterns in the existing data and sorted all of the resources that populated the drive into 4 categories.

0 // Operational Framework

This folder informs the user of how the committee works from an organizational pov. It houses the Goals and Mission Statement, Participation Parameters, and Timeline.

1 // Membership

Leveraging the integration of Google’s Drive infrastructure, I synced a form titled ‘Join’ and a master directory on Google Sheets. I consolidated several interest forms and populated the directory to reflect existing membership.

2 // Meetings and Events

This folder houses all resources pertaining to calls and in-person meetings. To encourage contribution from community members, I created a dummy folder to standardize formatting.

3 // ActionClusters

This folder is key to expanding the committee’s impact. ActionClusters are existing public private partnerships that fit the NIST participation guidelines. This folder catalogues accepted projects and provides support resources for applicants throughout the application process. Housing existing projects alongside application information encourages applicants to explore existing projects.

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